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At Oncology Partners, we recognize the challenges that many private oncology practices face trying to manage billing and practice operations. In these practices, billing inefficiencies – such as not capturing all applicable medical codes – of 10% can result in a 70% loss of profit. This figure can be significantly lowered with the proven practice management, billing and chemotherapy medication management strategies Oncology Partners offers. Our services have been tailored through years of first-hand experience in a small, one-doctor oncology practice in a community dominated by Medicare-aged patients.

Oncology Partners’ methods have taken into account the changing landscape of insurance and Medicare reimbursement as profits from chemotherapy infusion agents have evaporated. These changes have dictated more precise oncology coding and capturing of each procedure administered during office visits. Our expertise and unique insight can help your practice maximize reimbursement from insurance and Medicare, reduce operating costs and increase profitability.

General Overview
With our unique insight, we can help new and existing practices establish effective methods, including streamlined intra-office communications, to handle every day operations. We also help your practice analyze overhead and other operating costs to identify potential savings.

Inefficiencies in billing can cost oncology practices a majority of their profits by not capturing all procedures administered in a chemotherapy session or failing to collect for an office visit. Oncology Partners’ billing services provide thorough review and application of medical insurance codes to ensure maximum billing and payment. Our extensive knowledge of the insurance industry and claims process enables us to effectively initiate and manage insurance appeals. And we keep abreast of new codes, policies and trends in reimbursement so you don’t have to.

Chemotherapy Medication Management
Oncology practices have much higher overhead costs due to the price of chemotherapy agents. Oncology Partners has strong relationships with a number of infusion agent manufacturers, wholesalers and managed care organizations (MCOs) with whom we actively negotiate to ensure that our clients are paying the absolute best prices. We couple this cost savings with chemotherapy medication management services to help your practice recover the expense of administering chemotherapy and other infusion agent-related procedures in your office. Oncology Partners’ organization of chemotherapy medication inventory helps you keep accurate records of infusion agents on-hand and those administered for maximized billing.

Operations Audit
In addition to these services, we can also serve as consultants for your full-time staff to help outline and establish successful billing, coding and management practices.

For more information on how Oncology Partners can help your practice increase profitability, contact us at 931-787-1500 or email Eric Davidson at edavidson@oncologypartners.net.


At Oncology Partners, we work on an outsourced basis to help small to mid-sized oncology practices and other physicians more effectively manage their billing operations and optimize other areas of the practice.