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Starting an Oncology Practice: Expert Guidance for Oncologists

Whether you have finished your residency, are relocating your practice or looking to begin an independent practice for the first time, starting an oncology practice requires planning, due diligence and commitment to ensure every detail is right the first time.

However, when it comes to starting your own practice, you will likely have a variety of concerns: Where will I base my practice? How will I staff my office? What must I do to ensure I am billing in a timely manner? How can I start my practice with long-term success in mind?

Starting your own business can actually be easier than you think. Let Oncology Partners serve as your guide as you take the first step in establishing your own medical practice. Oncology Partners will apply years of real-world oncology practice management experience and consulting to your unique situation. You will be able to start up faster and with fewer surprises along the way.

By working with Oncology Partners, you will be able to escape from office politics and concentrate on your practice and your patients. You can be your own boss with a thriving oncology practice.

Research has shown that starting your own business results in higher long-term income. Additionally, studies have shown that small point-of-delivery care units provide “better” care – or at least better perceived – from the patient’s point of view.

Oncology Partners will make sure you find the best possible location for your practice. You can begin treating your new patients within a short timeframe. Furthermore, Oncology Partners will help you focus your time and energy on patients, rather than office management. We can even continue to take care of the administration functions of your practice, including billing, filing, staffing, managing inventory and other behind-the-scenes tasks that are time-consuming, but vital, to your business.

Services Include:

   • Financial Considerations and Guidance

   • Location Research based on your requirements

   • Staffing and Human Resources (HR) needs

   • Billing and Reimbursement

   • Revenue and Agent Inventory Optimization

Before you take your first step in starting your own oncology practice, contact Oncology Partners at

931-787-1500 or email edavidson@oncologypartners.net today to get started in achieving your dream in building a successful practice.