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Successfully navigate the changing landscape of insurance and Medicare reimbursements.  

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Help ensure the profitability and long-term success of your oncology practice with oncology practice billing services offered by Oncology Partners. Oncology Partners will work with you to ensure billing accuracy, proper recordkeeping for chemotherapy agent administration, and timely and correct submission of insurance claims for prompt physician reimbursement.

Unlike many outsourced medical billing services firms, Oncology Partners understands the intricate details inherent to modern chemotherapy treatment. Our comprehensive billing services increase coding accuracy and claim reimbursement for oncology practices. Most importantly, we keep abreast of new codes, policies and trends in the changing oncology physician reimbursement landscape -- so our customers don’t have to.

Our oncology practice consultants have the knowledge and skills to benefit you:

    • Extensive knowledge of the insurance industry and
       claims process

    • Thorough understanding of chemotherapy and non-
       chemotherapy infusion codes

    • Accurate, optimized coding and claim reimbursement

    • Administration of correct, timely oncology medical
       billing services

    • Experience in effectively initiating and managing
       insurance appeals

Since 2003, Oncology Partners has been helping oncology practices of all sizes increase profits by as much as 10 to 30%. Let us do the same for you. Maximize your profits in your practice today by turning to Oncology Partners. Please contact us today at 931-787-1500 or email edavidson@oncologypartners.net today.